how to stop pop up ads pages and youtube ads

Quick Fix for Blocking Pop Up Pages And Annoying Ads

Stop the insanity of annoying ads and new pages popping up by this quick fix:

Firstly, make sure you are using a browser that allows you to download Ad Blockers.  Personally, I use Google Chrome.  I find it is incredibly fast, defaults to Google Search Engine, and has the best bookmarking features and load-time of any of the other ones I’ve tried.  If you aren’t using that already, Download it HERE:

Next, Set Up Your Blockers.

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How to Download Free Movies TV From Trustworthy Sites

How To Download Free New Movies & TV Shows, PLUS Extra Geek Tips For Better Quality & Faster Downloads

My friends keep asking me how to do this, so I thought I’d pass it along to you, too!

Living abroad, you don’t get access to movies or TV shows from your home country, which can be annoying.  And, if you are living somewhere like Thailand, you needn’t worry about breaking any copyright laws.  So, how to download… here is the LoDown:

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The Best Friend & Mom Pep Talk Ever: You Are A Weirdo #TheDUFF

When you are growing up and you are different, you see it in other people’s eyes.  The disapproving looks, all over their faces. They want you to be like them, and it makes them uncomfortable that you are not.

Yet, read any self help or girl power book, and you hear, “Be Yourself, Love Yourself, Be Different! YAY!”

To be honest, it’s quite confusing.

You know that you can’t help being different, because, let’s face it… You Think Different.  You think differently about the world, about society, about ambition, and about results.  I knew this at age 14 when entering the work world.  Instead of being amazed, I thought it was a big pile of crap.  And, super boring.  And, everyone seemed miserable.  I also thought different about school dances (EW!), popularity contests (Why?), and pep rallies (I hid in the bathroom).

And, that was just high school.

I went on to further my weirdo-ness.  It turned out I didn’t just think differently in high school, I thought differently about every adult decision or option available to me, too.

I had a lot of unanswered questions, like…

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Double the INSANITY – Shaun T’s INSANITY Review

For those of you who read my Fat Rant post, you know I decided to Double the Shaun T INSANITY program.  I’ve now completed the program and want to give an honest review, and share my results.

But First…

travel fitness workout on the road

I want to let those of you know that might be considering doing INSANITY, that you absolutely should.  As a sidebar, I consider myself “fit”, but I never considered myself “Ready”.  I watched a video review on this product, and she emphisized exactly what I needed to hear:

Crazy people don’t think about what they do beforehand, they just do it.  If you are going to start INSANITY, there is no logical way to approach it.  You just have to START!

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Railay Beach

Proximity – Getting Closer to Your Goals and finding your Personal Paridise

One thing that I’ve realized in regard to having the lifestyle that I’ve always wanted is the importance of Proximity.  While many of us fanaticize about making our dreams a reality, how many of us literally go the extra miles to where these dreams can actually happen?

What I mean is this:

Sometimes we need to travel to where our dreams can come true. 

For me, my dream was to live somewhere beautiful (i.e. Paradise) and be within close proximity to where I could do the outdoor adventures that I really love.  This meant being close to the water, where there is amazing climbing.  My two greatest loves are scuba diving and rock climbing, and in order to make this fantasy turn into a reality and lifestyle, it meant relocating to a physical location where I could do these things on a more-than-regular basis.


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The Best Restaurants in Koh Tao, Thailand

I am a firm believer that the best part of your trip research can be done by other people.  In my case, I just happened to be super lucky with Koh Tao, because my friends that I was going to meet there had both lived there before.  In your case, you can just listen to me!

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It is Your Right to Thrive

Have you ever felt angry that you were just trying to survive instead of feeling like you have fully reached your potential?  Are you annoyed that you have done everything you were ‘supposed to do’ and are still waiting to THRIVE?

I have always believed inherently, that is possible to thrive, and, not only is it possible, it is Your Right to Thrive.

The movie, Thrive came out in 2011 and somehow I completely missed it!  I’m not sure if it is because it is an independent movie, or because ‘the powers that be’ probably did not want this movie to go mainstream, but all I have to say this:


Yes, I am making a demand.

(Sometimes I am demanding :))

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Weekend Getaway: Pangkor Island, Malaysia

Whether you are looking for a weekend getaway, or have some more time on your hands, Pangkor Island has it all.  Pangkor is located on the north-west part of Malaysia, and the islands are just a quick ferry ride from the mainland in Lumut.

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Fat Rant

Fat Rant

If you are a white girl that lives in Asia, you are fat.  I am not talking about whether you actually are fat, because more than likely you are not fat.  However, in the eyes of every Asian girl, you are a towering giant that King Kongs around town squashing tiny beings with your massive girth.

Now, here comes the RANT… Ready?

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The Story of Not a Normal Girl

Not a Normal Girl NotNormal Rock Climber girlI’m pretty sure that there was nothing normal about my morning.  I woke up in Thailand with an insatiable urge to find a new rock.  I’ve been back in Thailand about a week and a half and have had two failed missions to go rock climbing – one resulting in wet rock, another resulting in wet, crumbling rock, followed by hiding in an abandoned guard shack to wait out the storm.

But today I woke up renewed, and fully committed to finding a new rock.  There is, apparently, a rock somewhere in the general vicinity of where I live that has been recently bolted for sport climbing.  And, if this rumor is true, there is also some decent bouldering to be done.  So, off I went on my motorbike to find a new rock in Thailand.

Maybe a normal girl wouldn’t do this.  Surely, a sensible girl would have at least told someone where she was going, brought a waterproof bag, fueled up on gas, or considered the fact that this was maybe not a solo adventure.

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What You Really Want Scares The Shit Out of You

Let’s be honest with each other for just a minute.  Deep down, you know what you really want.  You have burning desires, fantasies, you spend time daydreaming about it.  But, after you think about what you want, two things happen:

1. You talk yourself out of all of the ways it could possibly become a reality, and

2. If all of the excuses went away and you had the perfect opportunity to do it -RIGHT NOW- It would Scare the Living Crap out of You.

This is good.  This means that it (whatever it is) is something Really Big.  It means that you are connected with it So Deeply that you have extreme emotions about it.  And what does this mean?

It means You Have to Do It!!

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Business Perfectionist How to Stay Focused

Overcoming Perfectionism

One of the biggest issues that business owners and all of my clients have is a disease called Perfectionism.  I call this a disease, because it is.  It is debilitating, and it stops you from getting what you really want in life.  It makes you feel awful, and it is not (by any stretch of the imagination) improving your life in any way.

Why am I being so harsh about being a perfectionist?  Because I am one!!

I have had to fight with every instinct that I have to rid myself of this disease because I have realized how much it has stopped me from one of the most important things in the business world:

Finishing Something.

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What Are You Grateful For?

So often in our society, describing our lives and lifestyles is either a list of things we still need to get done, or a long list of complaints.  We talk about how busy we are, or what is going wrong in our lives.

The only time people really stop to say something positive or clever is when they are posting on Facebook.

The other day, I was stopped in my tracks by my mother.   Because I am so close to her, I let my guard down and let my fears, woes and frustrations out.  She is an amazing listener, and after who knows how long of my latest series of to do’s and complaints, she asked me a very important question:

What Do You Appreciate?

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