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This week I’m rebuilding my site so it will look a little bit funny till I have all the bits in place, sorry for any aesthetic differences / face or eyebrow twitching that may commence.  I promise it will be super beautiful soon.

My site is a combination of all things important to me:  Breaking or Bending the rules of traditional society into something more… well, alive.  I found traditional life to be boring, stifling, frustrating and unfulfilling.  So I said the ultimate “Fuck It” and downsized my life into a bag, put my business consulting practice online, and ventured out to the world.  What I thought would be a one year journey has lasted well over six, and I’ve now ticked off all my boxes for things I have wanted to do and see in the world.

My job is to let you know there is another way — just like the white light enters a prism, gets bent, and beautiful colors stream outward — that is how I see the process.  My life before was black and white, limited by rules and misconceptions, and from the struggle and difficulties, I’ve learned how to get more focused on how I want to live. Yes, there are ups and downs, and no, it’s not always easy. But you can have the life you want, and make your dreams happen.  So if you find yourself frustrated with the way things are, keep going, but check out the blog for tools, resources, and information of bits I’ve learned along the way.

Enjoy your journey, and lean towards the colors.


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