7 Magical Ways To Get More Creative in Your Work & Your Life

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Finding the Magic

We all grew up watching or reading stories of magic.  And whenever there was a spell to be cast, the witch or sorcerer would need to put together a combination of strange ingredients.  It might surprise you to read my list but each of these steps help me to get back my mojo and Get More Creative!

One of the things that I’ve realized is that tapping into your creativity can be quite the same experience.  There may be a strange mixture of things that you need to do in order for you to get the creative flow and tap into your own magic.  Typically, you must start by getting in a relaxed state of mind.

I realize the “Secret Ingredients” may be different for each person, but I’m pretty sure that the process itself remains the same.  Take a minute to go through this list and figure out your own personal concoction to cast your next creative spell…

How to Get More Creative

1. Wear yourself out.
If you are too antsy to get creative, find a way of physically wearing yourself out.  This could be through exercise, or a few days of hard work.  This lets you relax that part of your brain that is programmed for producing concrete, logical results.  If you can calm that part of your nagging inner dialog with an answer of “It’s OK, I just did X”.  Then, you will be more likely to give yourself permission to be creative.

2. Give yourself some couch time.
I never used to be able to do this–mostly because I was stuck in the first step.  But, now I’ve realized one of my secret ingredients is to find Zen through watching mindless series of stupid TV shows.  After a lot of productivity, I need a transition tool before I can get into my creative groove.  If I commit to spending a day at home daydreaming and grazing through my fridge, there comes a point where I am relaxed enough to receive a creative charge.

3. When inspiration hits, GO WITH IT.
If you receive the nudge to open up the laptop and write, get out the paint, or make something, stop whatever it is you are doing, and Do It.  It might not make logical sense when or where the mood strikes you.  But that is the funny thing about creativity–it lives in the cracks between our logic.  In order to get more creative, we must give it an opportunity to come out.  And, it always will!

4. When it is gone, don’t mourn the loss.
Creativity comes and goes.  I’ve never met a creative person that is in the “zone” all of the time.  It is like dreaming, we need to do something during the day so that we can rest at night.  When the creativity is there, we feel GREAT!  We are inspired, we are free, we are ourselves and it feels fantastic.  But just as sure as it came, it can just as easily go.  Rather than struggling to make it stay, thank it for its visit, and eagerly await its return.

5.  Meditate.
Because I don’t do anything in a traditional way, I also don’t meditate in the sitting cross-legged-buddha-like posture.  If that works for you, great.  But it is difficult for me to sit, so I lie down.  So I take time to relax somewhere flat, and either calm my nerves by focusing on my breathing, listening to positive audio recordings (loving Wayne Dyer at the moment), or repeating a mantra or sound in my head.  Sometimes I “doze off”, but always I feel refreshed, and calmer from the experience.

6.  Make sure inspiration is a part of your life.
When we create, what we are really doing is tapping into Source.  When we do that, we are tuned in, turned on, plugged in.  And, because we may not feel that way all of the time, it is important to keep our energy levels and positive mojo up by other creative and influential people.  I have a strong network of individuals that keep me motivated by seeing what they are doing in their creative life.  I get inspired by seeing their creativity, and remembering that it is out there working through people that I care about.

7.  Share it — Pass it on!
Whatever your magical creative gift is, it wants to be given.  Even if you aren’t sure that you are that great at it, put it out into the world.  Creativity isn’t something that should be locked down, or hidden in a closet.  It wants to be out, happily dancing around and inspiring others to come out and play.  You can’t judge it, control it, or manage it.  You can only give it the opportunity to show up in your life, and the promise that because it did, you will keep your end of the promise to share it with others.

The Perfect Combo

To create the best combination of each of these ingredients, you will need to experiment!  A good combination for me has been to be physically active/ working hard for 3 days.  Then, I take a couch day, and have a few days ‘off’.  After that, I tend to be inspired, I read, and ultimately, create.  Every person is different, so take the time to determine your own unique combo (eye of newt, hair of elephant).  I promise you, you will end up with a more regular dose of creativity to cast your magic and share your inspiration with the world!

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