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  1. About the pointers:
    1. My Partner now uses HSBC Premier, it is unbeatable. She has accounts in the UK, EUrope and Australia and can manage them all from one Global View web page.
    2. I have my own virtual office in London, I can thoroughly recommend them (if you wnat to know more contact Peter and tell him I sent you!). They deal with my mail and email it to me, I have a phone number there, they do banking and many other things.
    3. In addition to a backup I use Evernote to keep all my documents. Not only does it organise them visually for you but they also sync it online. Essential if you lose your laptop and need to use an internet cafe.
    4. Skype and local phone essential in addition to phone with internationally accessible number. I use an ordinary D-Link router for travelling, the pocket one looks interesting. I carry three flexible adaptors and a small extension cable reel. Rooms allways have sockets in difficult to access places.

  2. @Distance Working, thanks for the additional suggestions! I’ll check ’em out and see if we can add them to our vagabondin’ list! 🙂

    @Kareem, thanks for stopping back by to help answer Digital’s question about power strips and share your full gear list! Hope to catch up with you one of these days soon! 🙂

  3. @distance working the power strip is great but you’re right, you need to use it with a power converter. most of your gear have transformers in them (you can tell if they say they support 110/220v) so you just need to plug your gear into the power strip and plug the power strip into the power converter. you can see my full list of digital nomad gear here.

  4. I like Mozy, but also like NomaDesk. The WiFi router is a good idea. EarthClass Mail has no peers. Ditto on the unlocked quad phone, and also opt for a WiFi phone to use Skype.

    The power strip is OK, but that depends on where you are headed. You may need some conversion plugs. I would be interested in more info on that with regard to how you could mess up your computer.

    I am following all of you guys now.

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