Online Business Consultant & Keynote Speaker, Brooke Ferguson, MBA

Brooke Ferguson, MBA, has provided business event presentations on key topics for over 12 years. Brooke has worked with business owners her entire life and helped countless business owners to reach their personal and professional dreams.  Practicing what she preaches, Brooke has also reached all of her personal and travel goals around the world, while running a successful business online.  Her talks have ranged from motivational speaking to practical goal setting and strategic business planning sessions and even online tech tutorials.

Presentations & Media

Brooke’s business experience and close collaboration with clients allows her to easily encourage and motivate.  As an online business consultant, Brooke sees it as a mission to coach her audiences towards lasting success.  She believes in engaging the audience to participate in self-actualizing activities to determine what kind of lifestyle they really want.  Rather than using the time to talk about herself, Brooke uses her expertise to help business owners identify realistic goals and build an implementation strategy.  

Because of this approach, Brooke has been praised by eWomen Network as:

Giving the best and most useful keynote presentation that they have ever received!”

Brooke has been a keynote speaker and has also been featured on TV and publications by the following:  eWomen Network, California Small Business Association, Borders Bookstore, Discovery Channel, Dell, SEA Backpacker Magazine and more.

Presentation Titles

LIFESTYLE MASTERY:  Create the Business & Lifestyle that You LOVE

COACH! How to Use Your Expertise to Become an Online Consultant

BIG BUSINESS, SMALL BACKPACK! Earn Money Online, Automate Your Systems & Work From Anywhere

MAKE MORE MONEY NOW! Proven Marketing Strategies to Get More Clients Now

Niche & Grow Rich: How to Identify Your Target Market & Know What They Need

DIGITAL NOMAD ZERO TO HERO:  Bring an Idea and Leave with a Business!  (4 days)

Customized presentations are available for each event, please see this page for a list of further topics covered in Brooke’s coaching program, or here for YouTube instructional videos.

Currently Scheduling Keynote Events for 2018 & 2019

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