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Digging Deep Into Balinese Culture, A Real Bali Experience

Brooke Ferguson Travel 12 Comments

I recently had the pleasure of taking a trip to Bali, Indonesia.  And, I thought I would try something different.  Rather than writing a big long post on what to do, why not show you?

This is going to be one of many videos I put together during my Round The World Adventure.  I’ve included photos, video clips, things to do, and some amazing footage of Balinese culture and music that you won’t find anywhere else.  Follow along with me as I visit the mountains, a traditional village compound, learn how rice is made, and take a look at the beaches in Bali.


Click Here to View What To Do In Bali, Indonesia

Here are some links to some of the places mentioned or viewed in the video:


Map of Bali, Indonesia


In or outside of Ubud:

Sacred Monkey Forest Ubud Sanctuary

Mt. Agung


Bali Beaches near Denpasar Airport:

Sanur Beach

Kuta Beach


On my wish list for next time I visit Bali:

Gili Islands

Kamodo Dragon Islands


Hope this post has been fun for you to watch!!  Please post any Bali recommendations you have in the comments section below!

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Comments 12

  1. Da Fish

    ive been thinking of moving to ubud cos my son is half indo and i spent alot of my time there as a kid…. did you feel it to be a more level place than thailand…

    1. Anonymous

      Hi Da Fish 🙂

      Hmm, is it a more level place? I guess that depends on what you mean by level. I found it to be beautiful and very picturesque. However, it is more expensive than Thailand, and as far as long-term living cost, and food, Thailand would probably win.

      But, that’s just my opinion. I heard from other friends that Bali can be less expensive if you know the locals and where to go. But, that can be long-term travel anywhere, I guess. We always spend more when we are on holiday, right?

      Maybe travel to both, check out the schools, towns, and see what feels right for you and your son. Both cultures are open and inviting, so just see which one suits you. Best of luck!

      1. Da Fish

        cheers brooke love your blog btw my mate owns or is part owner shouold i say of bondi bar in koh samui… an american that owns an aussie bar lol….. check it out when you go back… ps can i email you for some consulting work????

        1. Anonymous

          Of course! Go to my services page:
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          can get a better understanding of your needs. Talk soon.



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    1. Anonymous

      lol. Nope, but maybe next time! My surfer friend was on a visa run, so I didn’t get a chance to eat a bunch of salt water! But it is for sure on my list of things to do. 🙂

      Hanging out with some surfer / climbers now. They were trying to find a place that has surf and climbing. Any ideas?

  2. Bali Deals

    Bali has a very rich culture. If you have time to go around why not discover their old but productive way of life. You’ll see then how beautiful their place is and you will never encounter any boredom for sure.

    1. Anonymous

      Yes, it really does. It’s nice to see people living in an entirely
      different way. The compound way of life was really fascinating. You can
      see how close the family unit is of several generations. Very cool. Thanks
      for commenting!

    1. Anonymous

      Glad you enjoyed the video, Michelle! It was my first time playing around
      with iMovie. I’ll be highlighting different places from my big upcoming
      trip to try to inspire people to buy some plane tickets and get new
      experiences! Let me know if you guys head to Bali, I can give you some more
      details 🙂

  3. Bali beaches

    If you still want a pretty deserted beach but at the same time enjoy some food and drinks at a restaurant then Balangan is a wonderful beach to head to. Here you can find a long stretch of soft sandy beach and you can easily jump in for a swim or chill away in one of the many sea puddles. Surfers come here as well to catch the waves located further off shore.

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