How to Get What You Want Out of Your Business

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After over ten years of working with business owners, and consulting them on how to create the businesses of their dreams, I often come across a very interesting scenario that I want to share with you today.  The key to getting what you want in business and in life isn’t actually as difficult as you might think!!

I will make up a character called Bob.

Bob had a very clear idea of the lifestyle he wanted Before he went into business.  It was vivid.  He could almost touch it.

Then, Bob started his business.  And Bob got Busy.  Which–is GOOD for a new business to be busy.  But then, Bob stayed busy.  Before he knew it he was handling everything from the phones to the accounting and here and there trying his best to do marketing (or what he knew of it anyway).

Bob started taking on special requests, and doing favors, and before he knew it, his original vision of his life of a business owner was long gone.

Don’t be Bob.  Bob’s life is bad.

Are You a Bob?

If you have found yourself in a similar situation as Bob, what should you do?  The best place to start, and where I begin with my clients, is zeroing in on the original dream you had when you started your business.  It requires some downtime (I know you don’t have any), and some time to be reflective (Yes, I know, you don’t have the time), but you must, Must ask yourself this question:

When I went into business for myself, what was my original vision?

Try to remember the lifestyle and the type of business that you imagined yourself having.  What were your hours like?  Where was your office?  Who were your clients?  What were you offering them?  What were you wearing?

Next, take some time to apply the knowledge of what you now know.  And keeping that in mind, consider this:

What Do You Really Want?

Assume for just one second that all of the normal rules of society are gone. The timelines, expectations, clients, appointments, emails, cash-flow, finances, let all of it drop off of your radar.

Let’s imagine that you, for the moment, get to actually Design Your Life. As business owners and entrepreneurs, we have the most amazing possibilities – we can actually determine where we spend
our time, and on what.

If you could live the most perfectly balanced week of your life – not just a vacation, but on a regular
basis –

What would you do?

What wouldn’t you do?

What would you outsource or hand off?

What would you stop worrying about?

What would you like to have in your life as a new routine?

Try to actually feel the freedom of choice.

Now, what do you need to change in your life to get what you want?

Take some time now to write it down.  Put it together as a plan, as a vision board, or make an image of it for your desktop background.  Make time for it in your actual calendar, sign up for that class, make that meeting to outsource some work, and feel that sand between your toes!

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