How to Improve Business Systems In a Hurry (Part I)

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In years past, professionals used to spend time on Exit Planning.  (Exit Planning is when you plan to leave your business and train everyone up so that it can run effectively without you.)

The truth is, your business shouldn’t be running you–and we can take some steps NOW to keep our business from running us down.  There are tools available, but the first thing you need is Mindset.

What if I told you that your business needed to run without you.  You have 24 hours to start making a plan.  GO!


Ask Yourself:


1. How can I begin to train others to do what I am doing now?

2. What can I streamline so that I can remove myself from the process?

3. What technology can I buy/ use /master so my business can run itself?

4. How much more money could I make if these systems were running themselves?

Now, of course I am not going to ask you to drop your beloved business in a day but it is a great exercise to do when you want to free up your time and become more efficient in your business.  You work at your business, but you should not BE your business.  If you remove yourself from the equation, it should still be an operational business.

What Exit Planning step can you make today that will move you closer towards your Business Freedom tomorrow?

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