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We see this on TV ALL THE TIME.  Somebody gets a makeover!  And they look/ feel GREAT!

I, personally, L-o-v-e a good makeover show.  I love the fashion ones, the weight loss ones, and even the business ones.  Although, the business ones are usually rather harsh (and all of the money comes from the show, so it really isn’t fair).  But, aside from TV land, my very favorite makeovers are the ones that I see with my clients.  They are Lifestyle Makeovers.

You see, as a small business owner, we tend to sacrifice our “extras” and eventually build them up in our heads as “extra-ordinaries”.  Before we started our company, we might have gone to the gym more, gotten our nails/ hair/ bodies groomed and fixed up more, and spent a bit more time on things we enjoyed.  Most of the business owners that I see today have let these things slide.

I was just having a conversation with three business owners how they had given up date nights, vacations, and for two of the three, their health.  The two gals were well overweight, and just starting to do something about it.  In times like this I really want to shout out at the top of my lungs:


But, I didn’t.  I just smiled quietly and was super, SUPER thankful to myself that I have set up my business (on purpose) so that I have ample time to do the things that I love, and take care of my health and my body.

LADIES! (and gents), taking care of our health and our body is key to having a functioning business, and especially to having a Thriving Business.  If you want your lifestyle to improve, you must make the commitment first.

Let’s get started.

Lifestyle Makeover 101

Rule #1


You know when you are watching the fashion makeover shows and some lady comes out in some f-ugly ass outfit and she is really feeling herself?

And in your head, you are BEGGING her to change, but for whatever reason, she just can’t see it?

Everyone knows she is going to look awesome at the end of the show; but first, she first has to realize that she looks like a dope and could be doing a whole lot better.  So, step one is the realization.  Realize where you need help.


Rule #2


People know what isn’t working, and might even be talking about changing it.  But… THEY ARE STILL DOING IT!!!  I hate this so much because it breaks my logical brain.  The second I see something is not working or it is inefficient, I stop doing it, throw it out, and move on to the better solution.  Stop holding on, break the cycle.  Be the girl on the makeover show that throws out her uglies and moves onto the pretties.


Rule # 3

Spend time reviewing what is Already Really Good and what you Want to Highlight (in makeover shows they focus on showing off the very best features).  You can do this in your business and in your life, look at what you’ve already got going on, and put the focus on selling the hell out of that.  This girl has fantastic eyes but you would never know until they are pointed out for you!

Rule # 4


You know where you are, and what you want.  You spent time making goals to get you fixed up in the right places, and now it is time for you to Strut Your Stuff!  What we love about the makeover shows is the insane amount of confidence that the gals have after they are all done up.  They are still the same person, but with a new found edge that makes them irresistible!


Now, Apply This to Your Small Business!

  1. Realize where you are at and where you really want to be
  2. Throw out old habits that aren’t working and get some new ones that will
  3. Find your best skills and features and sell the hell out of that
  4. WORK IT GIRL!  Show that shit off down the runway, on a blog, in a video, on SnapChat, social media, public speaking, or anywhere you can.  Remember: Confidence is Contagious!  People can’t get enough of the New You!

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