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I first met Karl in Sacrament over ten years ago.  Karl is a quick-witted and fun guy with a great head for business and systems.  After reading his book Relax, Focus & Succeed, I knew that I had found someone in business that thinks like me.  Karl W. Palachuck is an expert in Managed Services, publishing books, and is currently touring the world talking about it!


Practicing What He Preaches

Karl is an inspiration in many ways – firstly, he is totally committed to what he teaches.  So much so that he has his own publishing company, www.PublishYourFirstBook.com where he publishes his books on business, technology, and managed services.  When we spoke, he told me that his goal is to publish one new book, every single year!  This really got my wheels turning about publishing the work that I already have, and making a commitment to publish my books this year, as well.  

Karl is always out in the community giving presentations, and this year, in particular, he has hit the road, nomad style.  He set up his events and conferences all over the world so that he could spend time seeing the world, while he does what he loves.  This, of course, I LOVE, because it fits the Business Backpacker model perfectly!  You can check out his speaker’s profile here: http://www.karlpalachuk.com/

How Karl stays at the Top of his Game

Karl also has some free downloadable content that you can check out if you aren’t sure if you are ready to buy one of his books yet.  

I recently downloaded this gem from Publish Your First Book.  Here is how Karl keeps on top of marketing for his business and for his books.  This allows him to schedule time for each activity on his calendar, and make a plan for success:

Marketing (for your book) Marketing Actions

  • Newsletter (email) Mailed Weekly
  • Blogging Three Times Per Week
  • Radio Interviews One Per Month
  • Newsgroups/Forums Participate 1 Hour Per Week
  • Facebook 15 mins Per Day
  • Twitter 15 mins Per Week
  • LinkedIn 15 mins Per Week
  • Speaking Locally Once Per Month
  • Speaking Nationally Once Per Quarter
  • Postcard Campaign Once at Launch
  • Google Advertising $5 Per Day
  • Co-Promotion One Campaign Per Quarter
  • Ebay Auctions Five Books at All Times
  • Give-Aways One per Amazon Review
  • Conference Sales Big Conference One Per Year
  • Podcast Once Per Month
  • Appear on Podcast Once Per Month
  • My Webinar Once per Month

Start Thinking About Publishing Your Own Book

Hopefully, this inspires you to take action in your business and begin to start thinking about publishing your own book!  I know I have!  I also am doing more to grow my business in 2018 by researching more speaking venues.  Karl shared that by having a published book, it really increases your chances to get higher paid Public Speaking gigs, as well as increasing your revenue when you do present.

He recently interviewed me on his Podcast: you can check it out Here:


Click Here for the course we are talking about (free offer expires January 31, 2018!!)

Get In Touch With Karl!

Find out more about Karl here https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Karl_Palachuk

And connect with Karl here SMB Books | Relax Focus Succeed | Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest | LinkedIn


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