It is Your Right to Thrive

Have you ever felt angry that you were just trying to survive instead of feeling like you have fully reached your potential?  Are you annoyed that you have done everything you were ‘supposed to do’ and are still waiting to THRIVE?

I have always believed inherently, that is possible to thrive, and, not only is it possible, it is Your Right to Thrive.

The movie, Thrive came out in 2011 and somehow I completely missed it!  I’m not sure if it is because it is an independent movie, or because ‘the powers that be’ probably did not want this movie to go mainstream, but all I have to say this:


Yes, I am making a demand.

(Sometimes I am demanding :))

It could be the most informative explanation that I have seen for “why things never felt right”.  What I mean is that I never felt that things were right in the U.S.  From the politics to the pharmaceuticals, there seemed to be something (or someone) behind each new decision, and it surely wasn’t the collective people.  This was one of the reasons that I decided to break away from the states, and find my fortune elsewhere.  I always felt that the system was working against me, rather than for me… but I couldn’t actually define why.

This movie investigates a select few that have gained substantial financial power, and points out what might be happening right under our noses that could become a total global domination.  Now, to be honest, I am not much for conspiracy theories… but what I do appreciate most about this movie is that it outlines why nothing ever felt right.  Thrive exposes many details that the public would not know about, how (and why) much of what is happening in the world is shielded from our very eyes.

Our controlled society has become a scarcity-based prison where people are afraid to go against the norm, for fear of what might happen or what other people will think.



When I was living in the U.S., it was more of a feeling that I wasn’t getting the full story.  But having lived outside for over five years, it is quite obvious that for every move they make, there is a hidden agenda.

This is unfortunate for many reasons, but mostly because it is suppressing the talent and inventions of individuals who have created cures and solutions for everything from cancer to free energy.  It is holding all of us back from  our potential; living in a world that is abundant and where everyone has the opportunity to thrive, here on earth.


“Imagine that with an honest money system, little or no taxes, and low electric and fuel bills you would have the money to pay off your home and car and be free to save and invest.  You would enjoy more wealth, freedom and security all while working the same or probably less.”

– Foster Gamble

The Thrive Movement

Maybe you have had this feeling too, that something isn’t quite right.  That with the amount of technology, scientific advancements, talents, and money in the world, we should be getting closer to solving global issues.  If you have been questioning any of these things, you should watch this movie right now.  You can choose to donate, or not, give your email, or bypass this step (it is free).  But REALLY, do take some time to look at the ideas and issues that this movie brings up, and the fact that we should all be given the chance to thrive.
More information, tips, resources, and information from the movie can be found at

Thoughts?  Questions?  Opinions?  Please share below…. 


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  1. Sonicsuns

    Um…I’m just gonna be blunt…this sounds like a load of crap.

    I mean sure, is there something wrong with the world? Yes.
    Do the powerful tend to oppress the weak? Yes.
    Does greed often stand in the way of social progress? Yes.
    Could a more just social order greatly increase average human prosperity? Yes.

    The basics are all there, (and you seem to have perceived it well enough when you lived in the states), but the specifics beyond that look like absolute crap. (I’m judging via the Thrive Movement website.)

    I mean seriously, it all starts with ascribing mystical qualities to the torus. People have made similar claims about spheres, pyramids, spirals, crystal structures, and everything else you can think of. They’re all shapes that are found in various places throughout nature. But that doesn’t mean that they’re *magic*. (I know they don’t use the word “magic”, but that’s essentially what they’re saying here.)

    Here’s a quote: “Nature appears to rely on one core recurring pattern to evolve life at every scale – the torus”. This is ridiculous. Nature has *scores* of recurring patterns. The Thrive people are just pointing out the torus whenever it shows up, and ignoring everything else. They’re also taking things that are not toruses and calling them toruses, just because. An atom, for instance, is not a torus. There is no hole through the middle. Nor is there a “surface” in any meaningful sense.

    The website goes on from there to say that ancient civilizations had a ” code – a message encrypted by people centuries ago – a message so important that it could give us access to clean, boundless energy”. We’re talking about people who, in the real world, never got around to making use of *electricity*. And now I’m supposed to believe that they had some secret formula for boundless clean energy?

    If somebody thinks that they have the key to boundless energy, they can start up a power plant and have James Randi do an inspection. If he signs off on it, *then* I’ll be impressed. Until then, all you have is a bunch of symbols from different cultures that look kinda similar to each other, together with the absolutely baseless theory that these symbols indicate a heretofore unknown mastery of the basic energy of the universe.

    And then you go on to state that people have “have created cures and solutions for everything from cancer to free energy.” That’s “created”, past tense.

    Look, I understand that there’s a lot of greed and nonsense in the world, but if somebody had actually invented FREE ENERGY or THE CURE FOR CANCER, I think we would frigging know about it! The world isn’t *that* backwards!

    The website goes on and on, piling nonsense on top of nonsense. Bits of truth are scattered throughout, but they are rare.

    *sigh* I know you’re trying to help, Brooke. Probably you love the idea that grand solutions are just around the corner, and you’re passionate about getting rid of the corruption that plagues our world. But you have to be rational about this. You can’t accept claims just because they sound dramatic or whatever. (Just fyi, I was once a believer in bogus stuff too. I believed in a book called “The Field” by Lynne McTaggart. Eventually I realized that I had been incredibly wrong.)

    Sometimes there are Galileo people. These are people who rail against the normal understanding of things, and they’re *right*. But for every Galileo, there are a million crackpots. This guy is clearly a crackpot.

    It’s wonderful to try and fix the world. But if you donate to the Thrive movement, you’re wasting your money.

    I’m sorry. I don’t mean to offend you. But I won’t stand idly by while people waste their resources on crackpot ideas. The world deserves better than that.

    You’re intentions are good, I’m sure. But you lack understanding. For a better understanding of this stuff, please look up James Randi.

    1. Brooke Ferguson

      Hi — Just to be clear, I am introducing an idea and a movement that I think people should be aware of. As I stated in my post, I am not someone to jump on the bandwagon for any conspiracy out there, but I do feel it is necessary to be aware of the fact that most powers in charge are not looking out for everyone’s best interest. That is why I left the states, and why I have no interest in going back to a “civilized” society.

      What I like about this movie is that it forces you to think about how the world could be if we were focused on being more collaborative, rather than only thinking of how to make more money for the powers that be.

      While I appreciate your strong opinion, there is no need to insinuate that I have dropped everything and started giving away my money and all beliefs to a “crackpot”. I am simply putting out ideas that challenge the norm and inspire people to look out for themselves, and not have a false sense of security… that’s all.

      1. Sonicsuns

        I didn’t think that you had dropped everything in favor of the Thrive movement. I’m sorry for sounding that way. I just wanted to make the flaws of Thrive as clear as possible.

        I agree with the goal of inspiring people to resist the corruption of the world, and encouraging them to abandon any false sense of security which they might have. But I suggest that you express these ideas *without* giving support (even implicit support) to crackpots.

        Surely there must be other films which express these important ideas without also reciting nonsense about mystic energy fields and whatnot.

        (Off the top of my head, “Inside Job” might be a good place to start.)

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