What You Really Want Scares The Shit Out of You

Let’s be honest with each other for just a minute.  Deep down, you know what you really want.  You have burning desires, fantasies, you spend time daydreaming about it.  But, after you think about what you want, two things happen:

1. You talk yourself out of all of the ways it could possibly become a reality, and

2. If all of the excuses went away and you had the perfect opportunity to do it -RIGHT NOW- It would Scare the Living Crap out of You.

This is good.  This means that it (whatever it is) is something Really Big.  It means that you are connected with it So Deeply that you have extreme emotions about it.  And what does this mean?

It means You Have to Do It!!

Let’s take me, for example.  There were things that I always just knew I wanted to do.

I knew I wanted to travel.

I wanted to start my own business.

I wanted to get my Dive Masters.

And, I really, really wanted at some point to publish a book.

Now, for me, even though I knew I wanted these things, it took quite some time to make my move.  I thought (wrongly) that there would be a “right time” or “perfect opportunity” or “great timing” to do any number of these things.  What I realized after quite some time is this:

There is No Such Thing as the Perfect Time to Start Your Goal.

The problem then, my friends, is that you might be sitting around waiting to start what you really want to do…



And, well, to be nice… this is bad.

What most of this blog, my consulting work, and my video course encourage you all to do is to take action now.

It will feel scary.  You will feel like you are not ready.  You will most likely mess something up or feel like an idiot… but, to all of that I have to say..

So what.

That is what the rest of us have had to do!  You might as well realize that you have to feel like an idiot and just get it over with now! :)

Here is the reason why I am writing this:

I’ve pretty much done everything on my bucket list.  And, recently, I got especially bugged because I haven’t made any effort to get a book published.  I’ve done a lot of the “Safe Stuff”.  Safe stuff looks like this:

  • Internet research
  • Poking around in the bookstore
  • Whittling away on it like a craft project that will never be finished

But then it hit me that even with all of my “effort” I still had no idea what the real process was of writing, outlining, submitting a book offer, and getting published.  So, I found an agent online and sent an email with a book description I had written many months before.

Here is the Funny Part:

They loved it.  They wanted to hear more.  They wanted a formal book proposal and three sample chapters straight away.

You might think that I jumped for joy and screamed from the mountain tops?

No.  I freaked out, and went and hid in a hole like an ostrich.  Because it scared the shit out of me.

This, I must say, is the weirdest thing about being human.  We have goals, ideas, visions, and dreams.  We want them to happen, we really do… but sometimes just before it could really happen, we have the moment, you know the one?


We have a momentary freak out.

Have you ever had this happen too?

If I was some kind of psychological expert, I’m sure I’d come up with a better name for it than that, but anyway, the truth is that it happens, so we might as well just admit that it does.

After I decided not to be an ostrich anymore (and after another email from the agency), I sat down and finished the entire proposal in one afternoon.  A couple of days later, I sent it.  I have no idea what will happen, and I am feeling like a teenager waiting for my date to pick me up, but, something is happening anyway, which is better than nothing.


So, back to you, reader, what is one of your BIG ONES that you want but have been quietly putting off for a number of days/ months / years?  I want the real scary ones, and I want you to put it in the comments below!!

(Now, because not doing it would be like putting it off even further, and I know you don’t want to do that!!)


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