Why Small Business Owners Don’t Take Vacations & Why They Should

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Many of us postpone creating our True Life Goals because we wrongly prioritize the importance of tasks.  First, let’s look at Why Small Business Owners Don’t Take Vacations:

We say:

I can play AFTER the work is done

I can work out When I’m Finished Working

I can only Take a Vacation After I meet my quotas

We put our clients before ourselves, our stress before our relaxation, our busywork before our health, and our frustrations before our freedom.

This feels depleting, exhausting, and is a mentality of lack and chaos.

What is the MAIN problem with this?

We never get what we want!!

When we never get what we want, we keep working harder and postponing what makes us happy until we are so depleted that we either shut down or learn to live in massive amounts of stress pushing ourselves ever harder towards a seemingly distant goal.

Sound familiar?

Many clients that I work with tell me the same story: They can have their lifestyle after they make X amount of dollars. This is the problem of most business owners!!

They are yet again, putting their wants, needs, goals, and motivation last.



Here’s How:

Step One — Stop The Addiction to Chaos

The more tired we are, the more frantic we become, and our productivity and quality of work goes to crap.

Step Two — Get Back Your Time

Being vigilant about our time management means planning for ourselves first, and sticking to it.

Step Three — Get Out Your Calendar and PLAN at LEAST a Year in Advance

Put your Breaks, Mini-Breaks, Staycations, and Vacations into your calendar.

Step Four — Warn Your Clients in Advance

Be sure to schedule AROUND these dates to make sure that they happen.  Research trips and tickets in advance to get great deals!


Even if you don’t have the money to go somewhere special, just plan a fun staycation, or be a tourist in your own town.  Give yourself time to reboot so you can work smarter, not harder.

If you want more details about how to better plan your Money so that you have more of it when you have Time, check out my Online Business Courses that will show you how.

You deserve to take breaks & deserve to enjoy yourself!

Happy Holiday-ing!

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